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Can GOC Work for You?

Riley Lorenz

Click the image to see the video "A Day in the Life of a GOC Student."

Christa Campbell

Click the image to see how GOC's flexible schedule works for Christa.

Javon Walton

Click the image to find out more about how the Walton family benefits from the unique learning environment at GOC.

Full-time Registration is Closed

Full-time registration for the 2017-18 school year is closed. Please note:  GOC does not offer mid-year enrollment. 

Why Does McClain Hermes Attend GOC?

McClain Hermes is a full-time student at Gwinnett Online Campus. Recently, Stan Hall, Executive Director of the Gwinnett Sports Commission, interviewed McClain for the “Get in the Game” show. View the clip below to hear how attending GOC benefits McClain as she pursues her goals for the future.

The complete interview may be found HERE.

Eligibility Requirements for Enrollment

Gwinnett Online Campus accepts students who reside within the Gwinnett County Public Schools attendance zone. The student’s custodial parent(s) or guardian(s) must also reside within the GCPS district. Gwinnett Online Campus will accept all interested students unless there are more applicants than space is available, in which case a waiting list will be established.

An IEP meeting held prior to enrollment at Gwinnett Online Campus is required for any student currently receiving special education services.

The Day in the Life of a GOC Student

Rich Digital Content

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Template Sample for 5th Grade Science

A snapshot of a 5th grade science lesson.

Gwinnett Online Campus is the Full-time Online Option for GCPS Students

Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) offers a blended/online learning environment through Gwinnett Online Campus! Since 1999, Gwinnett Online Campus has been helping students meet educational requirements by offering supplemental courses during both the regular school year and summer school. Building on past success, Gwinnett Online Campus now includes a full-time school for students in grades 4 – 12 and supplemental courses for grades 9 -12.

All courses follow the district’s AKS-based curriculum, which includes all of the state performance standards. Gwinnett Online Campus students must meet all state and local requirements. All regular high school credit and assessment requirements must be satisfied to receive a high school diploma.

If a student enrolls in Gwinnett Online Campus and then decides that the virtual school is not a good fit, he or she has the option to transfer back to his or her traditional school. Transition is best made at the end of a semester.

The Benefits of Online Learning

Gwinnett Online Campus offers a unique online experience! Students have flexibility to set their own schedules and have access to courses at any time during the week. Students enrolled in Gwinnett Online Campus courses will receive schedules which outline daily requirements, deadlines, and scheduled online CLASS sessions. A wide range of multi-media tools are used to deliver instruction, present content, and provide interaction. Students use these same technical tools to complete assignments and projects while mastering 21st century skills. Click here for more information on the benefits of online learning.

Characteristics of Successful Online Learners

Is your child a good fit for the online learning environment? Click here for the characteristics of a successful online learner.

The Roles of the Student/Teacher/Parent

Student success depends on the student, the teachers, and the parents. Click here for the roles each plays in the online learning environment.

The Typical Day of an Online Learner

How does an online learner spend his or her day? Click here for the an example of a typical day of GOC student.