What's New at GOC?

A counselor’s tab just for YOU has been added to our website. All important GOC information will be posted on this page.

On the first day of each semester all supplemental students are invited and strongly encouraged to attend our high school orientation session at 3:30 at our GOC campus. During this time students will learn the ins and outs of their online course and how to contact their teacher for additional help.

A Quick Start guide has also been added to our website for our supplemental students. This guide is meant to be used as a resource to aid students in successfully completing their online course.

GOC Honor Cords for Seniors

Gwinnett Online Campus is excited to continue our recognition program for our online seniors.  Any senior successfully completing four or more online courses during their high school career is eligible to receive a silver technology cord. Gwinnett Online Campus will issue and send the cords to the local schools at the end of the school year.


GOC Helps Students Around the GCPS District

Gwinnett Online Campus helps students district-wide meet graduation requirements. What can we do to help your students?


Supplemental Program Important Dates