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After you have registered for the course on MPP, click the link below to choose your PRE-FITNESS TEST option. You have the option between performing a self-test (using the Fitbit App or device - directions are below the link), attending a session at GOC on Thursday, June 7th (3 options), or attending a session at GOC on Monday, June 11th (3 options). Sessions will include fitness testing and orientation to the course.

The form link becomes available on the first day of summer Registration (February 15th). Everyone registered for the Personal Fitness course must fill out the form. You will receive additional information a week prior to the course starting to an email provided in the sign up form.

PRE-FITNESS TESTING - Sign up form (self test or date/time of attending at GOC)


FitnessGram LogoThe following instructions will explain how to complete the pre-test with the help of a family member using the Fitbit App OR a heart rate tracking device before or on the day our course starts! The summer session is only 3 weeks, so we complete 3 main tests: a Running Test, a Curl Up Test, and a Push Up Test. With a proper plan of action a person can improve his/her cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance in this time. Be sure when you plan your exercise sessions (this will be Step 2 of your Personal Fitness Portfolio) you create time to work on these important exercises - running/cardio, core strength, and push ups! (You will also be able to access this lesson in the PE course in D2L/Brightspace.)

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This Sheet will be used to turn in your first assignment to the DROPBOX: STEP 1 PRETEST SCORES AND GOALS

  • Follow these directions carefully. These tests count as your pre-fitness test grade and helps you come up with a plan of action based on your level of fitness!
  • Be sure to place a screenshot of your app or device information on the 2nd page (more information below).
  • Post Fitness Testing will occur at GOC on the day of your Final Exam. You will need to bring a copy of your PRETEST SCORES AND GOALS with you. If you do not have a printer, then please just write out the same chart (with scores and goals) and bring it with you!

     MILE RUN (pick 1 of the 2 options)

You have 2 options to complete this test:

The Pacer Test requires you to run between 2 spots that are 20 meters a part. Find a spot (in your yard, your driveway, etc.) and use an extra shoe, a cone, etc. to mark your 2 spots that are 20 Meters (or 65.6 feet) a part. Complete a short warm up and light stretch before beginning. You will need to run with a Fitbit device or by using the Fitbit app on a smartphone. It is important to understand to receive credit for this test YOU MUST RECORD the run on your app or device.The app will track your run (even if it's just back and forth over and over again!). You will need to take a screenshot of your Fitbit data (heart rate, time, distance if using a device OR the map of the run with time and distance) to place on page 2 of your Fitness Scores and Goals sheet. A screenshot can be taken directly from the phone if using the app (example below the Mile Run information) or it can be taken from your device account on a computer with average heart rate, time of exercise, and heart rate graph included (example below). More information is given in the course on how to best show this validation of exercise.
Heart Rate Data
Below is the Pacer Beep Test to let you know when to run to each cone! When you feel like you cannot continue, just stop and write down the number of laps you finished (the voice will help you count). Remember it starts slowly and then progressively gets faster. Have your family do this with you! Remember to start your app or your device and then stop it at the end to be sure to capture the workout information! Have fun! Click below and begin!
Pacer Test (Beeps)

The Mile Run will require you to map out a 1 mile run/walk/jog on the Fitbit App.

You will take a screenshot of the completed mile run and attach it to page 2 of your Fitness Scores and Goals sheet (an example of a screenshot is below). You will want to find a flat area (preferably 4 laps around a high school track) to test yourself. A local park is a great resource as well. Gwinnett County has an excellent park system! Get your family involved with your fitness this summer! Take a family member with you to the park or the local high school track. See what improvements you can make together over the summer!

Below is an example of a student's mile run pre-test. This student was out of the country at the time of the test. Notice the street names and excellent pace!
mile run example

Below are the Healthy Fitness Zones for aerobic capacity and pacer laps. Also listed are the zones for the mile run.
Aerobic Capacity
mile run standards


The curl up test requires you to lay flat on your back with feet flat on the ground (knees up). Keep arms, hands, and fingers flat on ground. You will want to move your finger tips approximately 4-6 inches each time you come up. See picture below.
curl up information

Below is the cadence for the curl up test. Have the computer close to your curl up location, press play, and test yourself and other family members as well! Make this a summer you all get fit together! When you feel like you cannot go on, stop the test and write down the number of curl ups completed. 
Click below and begin:

Curl Up Cadence


Below are the instructions and cadence for the push up test. Have the computer close to your push up location and continue to test yourself to measure improvement! Push ups are a great exercise for upper body strength, as well as, core strength. This exercise does not require a fancy gym membership; only a willingness to work to get stronger! Again - challenge your family and get fit together!
push up information

Click below and begin!
Push Up Cadence


  • Now you are ready to turn in your scores along with the HFZ and goals you have established by completing the Prefitness Scores and Goals sheet.
  • This will be placed in the Dropbox in the Personal Fitness Course titled: STEP 1: PREFITNESS TEST SCORES AND GOALS.
  • Don't forget to place the screenshot of your fitbit data or map for the Pacer or Mile Run on the 2nd page of the Scores and Goals Development Sheet.
  • Be sure you have also answered the questions below the chart. 
  • Once you have completed your fitness tests and set your goals for summer - now it will be time to create a workout plan (3 weeks of exercise sessions) in Step 2 of your Personal Fitness Portfolio: SUMMER WORKOUT PLAN! Instructions for this are included in the next content item in the course.
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