General Information:

Learning a foreign language takes time and practice. There are many different activities to help you be successful. Students are expected to be an active participant in discussions, live CLASS Sessions and all assignments. On average students should expect to spend 60-90 minutes per day during a semester, and 240 minutes per day during a summer semester.


All instructors will hold live Adobe Sessions according to the schedule posted in each course. These live sessions are designed to enhance student mastery of the AKS and to provide an opportunity for remediation, reinforcement, and extension. Students should attend these live sessions or plan to view the recordings of the sessions.  There may be graded activities during these sessions factored into the classroom assessments category of the student’s grade so viewing the recordings or logging in live is necessary.

Face-to-face Requirements:

Each student is expected to attend a face-to-face orientation meeting on the first day of class at their local school. The specific time and location will be posted in your course home page, in your welcome email, and at your local school. All students must attend a face-to-face final exam, EoCT or interim test at our Gwinnett Online Campus. The date for your specific course will be posted on the course home page.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ms. Sandy Frierson.