Graduate Gwinnett

GGlogo_finalThe Graduate Gwinnett Program is an innovative approach offering flexibility for students to complete the required coursework for graduation. Students enter a unique and individualized online learning environment with face-to-face support as needed.

Students who have dropped out of their local high school are contacted by GOC staff and invited to join the program. After an orientation to the program, students are enrolled in one online course at a time during a 20-day session. In addition, on campus or virtual sessions are provided with teachers. Students who have previously dropped out of high school who reside in Gwinnett County can contact GOC to inquire about joining the Graduate Gwinnett program.

Program Requirements:

• Students must be residents of Gwinnett County
• Students must be 16 years old
• Students must have already earned 18 or more high school credits to enroll
• Transcripts are evaluated to determine the courses needed to meet graduation requirements
• Students receive coaching and meet with teachers as needed face-to-face or virtually
• Students take all standardized tests required by the district and state

Here's what our students have to say about the Graduate Gwinnett program

  • “The Graduate Gwinnett program was so much more than I imagined. It was organized, easy to follow, and I received incredible support from all the teachers and staff.  I strongly recommend this program.”

    Aaron P. 2016 Graduate
  • “Graduate Gwinnett has made this entire experience so easy for me. The teachers are truly dedicated on helping me graduate and move on to the next chapter in my life. They are patient, kind, and when I felt like giving up, they were there to convince me to keep pushing forward because they believe in me.”

    Alna M. Current Student

Thoughts from the Graduate Gwinnett Staff

  • "Graduate Gwinnett students are the hardest working individuals that I have ever had the pleasure of teaching. This program give them the opportunity to finish their high school degree while holding down full time jobs or taking care of their family!  I have truly enjoy working with all of them."

    Kathrine Call
    Kathrine Call Social Studies Teacher
  • "I am so pleased to be a part of Graduate Gwinnett. For years, I have watched students with only a few credits shy of graduation give up and drop out of school. The Graduate Gwinnett program gives students a different type of classroom in which to learn. They can work at their own pace and in their own time. The daily demands on their attention are focused in a different manner from a traditional classroom. I love the fact that Graduate Gwinnett is providing students with a novel way in which to finish their course work and graduate. These students are a pleasure to work with--who knows the impact this program will have on their lives, and our community, in five, 10, or even 30 years!"

    Dr. Robin Tillotson
    Dr. Robin Tillotson Science Teacher
  • "Leading the Graduate Gwinnett program has been one of the most rewarding positions in my 18 year teaching career. This program is life changing for so many of our students, and they are very appreciative of the opportunity to complete high school and earn their diploma. Our team of teachers and counselors continually reach out to these students to offer support throughout each course, and students know that we believe in them."

    Jennifer Tennant
    Jennifer Tennant Graduate Gwinnett Coordinator
  • "I am proud to be part of the Graduate Gwinnett program.  It is rewarding to watch students find success, and have a positive impact on their lives.  It is a pleasure working with students who have the hope for a bright future ahead."

    Erin Springthorpe
    Erin Springthorpe Science Teacher
  • “Graduate Gwinnett offers non-traditional students a chance to learn in a flexible, online environment. Brick and mortar schools don’t work for some students, and a few may have to leave school before earning a diploma. Students can work at their own pace and this provides an innovative way to individualize instructional time for each student based on need, success, and personal situation. Graduate Gwinnett is a bridge to earning a diploma.  It opens the door to new possibilities for their future.” 

    Dan Lollis
    Dan Lollis Language Arts Teacher

Questions to Consider

Q:  Can I take more than one course at a time to graduate even sooner?

R:  After successfully completing one course, you will work with the Graduate Gwinnett facilitator to determine your best course plan.

Q:  What equipment or supplies will I need?

A:  Because the content is online, you will need access to a  computer and a reliable internet connection.

Q:  Will I still be able to attend college?

A:  Yes, the diploma you receive through the Graduate Gwinnett program is issued by Gwinnett County Public Schools.

Q:  What if I can’t come to campus because I have a job or a child?

A:  The majority of the coursework is completed online and is flexible to your needs.

For More Information, Contact:

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Graduate Gwinnett Coordinator