The Gwinnett Online Campus Health and Personal Fitness courses teach the same AKS and Indicators of Achievement as all Gwinnett County Schools. We offer these two graduation requirements during all semesters to all Gwinnett County students: mini-semesters and summer semester included. Electives (Advanced Personal Fitness and Body Sculpting) are available for full-time students only.

Health (1/2 credit and graduation requirement)

During each semester Health has reading assignments along with numerous written assignments, discussions, and possible projects each week. Regular semesters operate on weekly deadlines (everything listed for a current week must be completed by Sunday night). Summer semesters operate on daily deadlines. Students enrolled in the health course are allowed to work ahead, but all assignments, including tests and quizzes, must be completed by the deadline posted in the course calendar and course checklist. On average students should expect to spend up to 60 minutes a day per semester, 60-90 minutes per mini-semester, and 240 minutes per day during a summer semester.

Personal Fitness (1/2 credit and Physical Education graduation requirement)

Students in Personal Fitness will create a Personal Fitness Portfolio through a step-by-step process covering material such as: goal setting, creating a fitness plan, implementing and tracking the fitness plan, applying training principles to exercise sessions, nutrition, and lifelong fitness. These steps will count as a student’s summative assessment of the course content. Course content will also include tests and quizzes over lifelong fitness material.

Tracking Exercise in the online setting with Fitbit:

Each week a student will be required to turn in a weekly fitness log to the teacher and at least half of these sessions must be validated through a student’s fitbit dashboard. The other workouts can be validated with a fitness sponsor signature and contact information (parent, teacher, coach, or trainer). Each student will be required to have a fitbit account to share with the teacher. This fitbit account can be used with the fitbit app or with the device – Charge HR. Supplemental students must have access to a smartphone to download the app. Full time GOC students will have the option to use the app or check out the device. For the summer program only there will be a limited number of Fitbit Charge HR devices available to check out with an additional rental fee or students can use the free fitbit app. The Charge HR is not available during the fall and spring semester for supplemental students (all are used for full-time students), therefore all supplemental students must have access to a smartphone to download the tracking app.

Our focus at GOC is to teach students about lifelong fitness and how cardiovascular exercise is beneficial for lifelong heart health. The Fitbit app and device help us ensure that a student’s cardiovascular sessions are intense enough to make fitness gains and show improvement on the FitnessGram Pacer or Mile Test (taken at the beginning and end of each semester). Flexibility is given for the other workouts requiring a fitness sponsor signature that may fit in to a student’s already established schedule of possible strength training, athletic practices, special training, or stationary type activities (like yoga, pilates, Zumba, etc.). Information and exercise videos are provided in the course to give ideas about the different types of exercise that can be performed in addition to running, walking, biking or swimming (the main cardiovascular exercises).

Please click on the following links to see instructions for the Weekly Log and template:

GOC Weekly Fitness Log

Tracking workouts with a fitness log

Students will plan out their exercise weeks with a few guidelines on time and intensity levels. Workout requirements and logs for the week are due by Sunday of each week.

Kristi Rhine - Department Chair

Kristi Rhine

Ms. Kristi Rhine

Please contact Kristi Rhine with any questions or concerns.

Mandatory Pre-Fitness Testing

Full-time GOC Students

Check back soon for your testing schedule

Supplemental Students – Mandatory Pre-Fitness Testing and PE Orientation

16 week students:      Monday, August 14 – 3:30-5 p.m.
14 week students:      Monday, August 28 – 3:30-5 p.m.
12 week students:      Monday, September 11 – 3:30-5 p.m.

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