Welcome to the Supplemental Program

GCPS students have the opportunity to take online courses for grades 9-12 in addition to or as part of their regular school day. Program students may take online classes in one of two ways:

Online courses are offered as part of the student’s regular school schedule. Students must meet with their school counselor to register for an FTE course and are not allowed to drop these courses. The number of classes a student is allowed to take online as a FTE student varies by school. Students are responsible for contacting their counselor for more information.
Students may take courses outside their normal school day. Students must register through My Payments Plus. These courses are offered on a  for-fee tuition basis. We recommend that students take no more than one course per session outside of their regular school day. Please click here to register for a class.

Getting Started With A Supplemental Course

What do I need to do in order to register for a course?

  1.  Check the Registration and Semester Dates
  2. Verify Course Offerings
  • How do I sign up for a FTE course (this is a course taken as part of your 6 period school day)?
    • Meet with your school counselor in order to sign up and receive your Beginning of Term materials. Remember to check the orientation schedule below.
  • How do I sign up for a Tuition course (this is a course taken in addition to your 6 period school day)?
  • What is next after I sign up for a course in My Payments Plus?
    • Your counselor at your high school will have to approve the course in order for you to be enrolled at GOC. Once GOC has received approval from your school counselor you will be enrolled in the course.
  • I paid for the wrong course. How do I request a refund?

How do I get started in my GOC course?

  1. Orientation Schedule
  2. Log into my GOC email
  • What if I cannot remember my password?
    • If you cannot log into your GOC email, please email accountadmin@gocowls.com and provide this:
    •           your first and last name
    •           your student number
  • Log into my GOC course
  • Beginning of Term Instructions
  • How do I contact my teacher?
    • Once you have logged into your GOC course you will see your teacher’s email and contact information located on the course homepage.

What is the retest schedule?

Restest Schedule

Course Retest Schedule






Still have Questions?

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Do you have additional questions about the GOC Supplemental Program? Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page on our website.



Supplemental Program Important Dates

GOC Registration Dates 2017 - 2018