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Advanced Placement Exams

Advanced Placement (AP) courses along with the AP exam let colleges know that your child was exposed to a rigorous high school course load that better prepared your child for college level work. In addition to the rigorous course load, many colleges accept the AP credit as college credit which gives your child cheaper college tuition as well as catapults your child ahead of his peers in or to be exempt from freshmen in order to take classes in his major. Unfortunately, when students focus on taking CP or honors level classes in order to "protect" their GPA for Hope Scholarships, they tend to enter college with a modest academic transcript and the college courses become too much for them, which in turn, causes them to lose the Hope Scholarship all together.

Please use the following link to visit the CollegeBoard website and learn more about the upcoming advanced placement exams. CollegeBoard

Registration Information


The following handout provides important registration information and testing dates.

2018 Funding AP Exam Registration Information  

All registration and payment is completed through MyPaymentsPlus. The document below will guide students and parents through the registration and payment process.

MyPaymentsPlus AP Exam Parent Handout

The following pricing is available for advanced placement exams:

  • All registration and payment is completed through MyPaymentsPlus
  • All students pay a $10 non-refundable registration fee
  • All students enrolled in an AP course will receive one free exam for the course they are enrolled
  • Each additional exam is $93, with the exception of AP Seminar which is $141.
  • There is a $15.00 return fee per exam for any registered exam student does not take

Use of your student’s Social Security Number (SSN) on AP Exams

The CollegeBoard asks for the student’s Social Security Number (SSN), which is optional, on each exam the student takes during his/her high school career. The use of the student’s SSN as the unique identifier on each exam allows for the most effective transfer of all the student’s AP scores to a college or university. The school district does not require students to use their SSN and recommends that parents and students discuss the use of the SSN before exam administration.
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